Equality and diversity

One of the key aspirations within our organisation’s three-year strategy to make a greater impact, reaching more people, with more services, is positively developing our approach to equality and diversity. This means valuing each person we care for or work with as individual, respecting their strengths and identifying how we can tailor our support for them.

This Autumn, we are pleased to launch our new FREDIE strategy, which outlines the ways that principles of Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement can be practiced and promoted within our charity.

This strategy levels up our care to take actions which positively affect both our wider community and our workforce. It also encourages us to begin to understand the barriers to inclusion that our community and team might face.

Among our planned actions are:

  • Reviewing all of our existing policies to make sure they align with our FREDIE principles.
  • Introducing new policies and procedures on areas including Disability, Trans-Inclusion and Anti-Racism to help protect and empower people in our team and in our communities.
  • Developing everyone in our team’s knowledge of how best to support people from diverse backgrounds with carefully selected training.

With our FREDIE strategy, we aim to make a positive difference to all our people, from those who access our services, to those who work or volunteer for us, to the communities we serve.

We look forward to sharing more of our plans in the coming weeks and months.

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