How we are governed

Our Board of Trustees and Leadership Team are responsible for the day-to-day running of our organisation.

Our Board of Trustees

Our trustees donate their time and are responsible for the overall governance of the organisation. They must satisfy themselves that the appropriate strategic planning and policy development processes are in place to achieve the charity’s strategy within the parameters of an agreed budget.

They include specialists from the world of finance, healthcare, local government, media, and religion. They are responsible for the appointment of the Chief Executive, to whom they delegate the day-to-day management of the organisation. Our Board of Trustees oversees all of the organisations who are part of North Yorkshire Hospice Care; Herriot Hospice Homecare, Just ‘B’, Saint Michael’s and Talking Spaces.

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Joint Chair of Trustees

Colin Tweedie
Lesley Bers


Andrew Wilson
Catherine Waters
Darryn Hedges
Dr Hilary Enevoldson
Karen Wheeldon
Mark Robinson
Peter Gibson
Victoria Ashley

Chief Executive (non-voting member): Tony Collins


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“Saint Michael's Hospice has changed in many ways since I first became a trustee in 2002. We developed a skills matrix for the recruitment of trustees, ensuring that we had as many local experts in their relevant field as possible. This means our trustees are up to date and business-savvy and can help our charity negotiate the ever changing landscape that is the healthcare sector today."
- Lesley Bers, Joint Chair of Trustees

Our Leadership Team

The Saint Michael’s Hospice Leadership Team has a broad range of experience and skills and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organisation. The team includes:

Chief Executive: Tony Collins

Deputy Chief Executive: Tina Hedges

Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Community Relationships: Cora Purnell

Interim Director of Finance: Pippa Jackson

Clinical Director: Dr Liz Brown

Clinical Director: Kathy Newbould

Director of Strategy and Development: Emily Dobson

Strategic Development Director: Gemma Umpleby

Director of Client Services: Clare Godden

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Our ambassadors

As an organisation we are committed to growing positive relationships across the communities we serve, including through raising awareness of the care and support we provide. Our ambassadors represent us to do this. They are:

Countess Charlotte Peel
Dr Rosie Page

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