Anne’s story

“I will never forget that wonderful team.  I was able to let go of my role as a carer; entrusting Dora to their care meant that I could be her friend again."

Anne Boland with a photo of best friend Dora.

Many people with a terminal illness would prefer to stay in their own homes, surrounded by the people and things that are important to them. Our team of HOME healthcare assistants provide this vital, personalised care across the Harrogate district, seven days a week.

Here, Anne Boland shares her experience of Saint Michael’s HOME service care, following the death of her best friend, Dora.

“My dear friend Dora Storey died on July 9 2020. Dora was a truly inspirational lady, a leading light in specialist palliative care through the hospice movement.

“She believed that the best palliative care should be available to everyone, no matter the setting in which they reached the end of their life. She was a great advocate of palliative care being given in the home as well as in a hospice or hospital.

“After several years of illness and knowing she was dying, Dora wanted to die at home. I personally was overwhelmed by the incredible care that Dora received in her last days. In these rather strange Covid times, we forget that such beautiful care is still being seamlessly provided as indeed it was for Dora by the Saint Michael’s HOME team and other end of life teams. They were all working together to provide the most loving end of care, just as Dora had given to others, and as a result of that care, Dora was able to die at home with peace and dignity.

“I will never forget that wonderful team. I was able to let go of my role as a carer; entrusting Dora to their care meant that I could be her friend again.

“They also gave huge warmth and compassion to me. Saint Michael’s, I thank you with all my heart. It made me so grateful to have that experience. I want people to know there’s nothing to fear – end of life care, whether at the hospice, in the community or at home, is wonderful. We’re very lucky to have this incredible service on our doorstep.”

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