Intensive symptom management

Saint Michael’s Hospice, Crimple House

Saint Michael’s inpatient unit (IPU) offers you expert, 24-hour care to manage symptoms caused by your illness and will continue to support you in your return home.

Our inpatient unit overlooks the picturesque and tranquil Crimple Valley in Harrogate. We have 10 individual rooms, each with high-quality bathroom facilities.

Each room provides a comfortable and safe space for you to receive the highest standard of care. As well as furniture designed with your comfort and relaxation in mind, each room features air conditioning, a telephone, TV and WiFi internet access. During your stay, our expert catering team are keen to create meals you can enjoy.

What matters to you, matters to us.

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Accessing support

If you think you could benefit from using a Saint Michael’s service, please talk to your GP, district nurse, specialist nurse, consultant or any other healthcare professional involved in your care about your options.

Information for health or social care professionals

View our admissions policy and download a referral form